Madeline Barr


Madeline Barr is a Brooklyn based film and theatre actress, devisor, writer, and director. 



Ophelia and Friends, Dominated but in Control

MONTCLAIR, N.J. — Tall and imposing in a long, strapless dress, a young man in a feathered mask towered behind the avant-garde director Richard Schechner ... 

Cover story for Night Witches by Fox 5 News D.C. in October 2017.


Take wing with the Night Witches

The mostly forgotten true story of female Soviet pilots who bombed Nazis during World War II arrives on stage this weekend in an airplane hangar on a Culpeper County farm...

From Shakespeare to the Kardashians

Julia Blauvelt discusses her play “Three,” with a script she and her collaborators Allison Taaffe and Madeline Barr assembled from diverse sources, including Shakespeare’s “King Lear,” ...


Night Witches is one of those plays that is so well written that it draws you in immediately and refuses to let go until it has taken what it wants... 

current projects

last edited June 27th, 2017





1) Madeline is preparing to go to the International premiere of the short film she stars in, "Falling South", at CayFilm in the Cayman Islands. The film is already set to show at the Fort Worth Indie Film Showcase, The Action on Film International Film Festival, the Hollywood Dreamz International Film Festival and Writers Celebration, and the EyeCatcher Film Festival. 


2) Madeline recently returned from a month long artists residency where she and six other women worked to devise a new play called, "The Night Witches" about the first ever all female fighter pilot unit to fly in combat. After a successful showing run in Virginia and a short run in New York City the team looks forward to another run in the fall of 2017. For Night Witches updates visit

3) Madeline is currently in post-production for a film she is co-producing and acting in entitled "Pookie". It will be the inaugural film for a new production company- "Kabra Pictures".